LIMPOPO CONNEXION manages several programmes to achieve its mission and vision.


The overall objective of the broadband project is to establish an affordable, secure, open access broadband provincial-wide area network. The roll-out of a cost-effective and affordable broadband infra-structure is a prerequisite for effective e-service implementation in the province.


The demand for applications and systems is shaped by Government’s obligation to interact more directly with citizens and to deliver more efficient services and generally has to do more with less. Applications have the potential to bridge the gaps between Government and citizens, Government and business, Government to Government and business to citizen interactions.


The strategic objective is: “Community members empowered to participate in an inclusive information society and knowledge economy”. Special focus will be paid in addressing women, youth and disabled in the various projects and service offerings.


Research and development (R&D) and innovation is the creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge which could be applied to improve products, processes, applications or technologies.


Building a furure Knowledge Society

be an inclusive
enabler of ICT expertise for
the Limpopo

The concepts of Information Society and Knowledge Economy are interrelated and collectively form the vision for where Limpopo would like to direct their future and prioritize the scope of work to undertake. An Information Society is a society where the creation, distribution, use, integration and manipulation of information is a significant economic, political and cultural activity. A Knowledge Economy extends on the concept of an Information Society through innovation with the goal of leveraging data and technology to create both tangible and intangible assets resulting in economic gains.

  • Building a Broadband network

    Feasibility phase

  • Implement and support Free and Open Source SOftware

    Develop FOSS readiness assessments

  • Implement Off-line content

    Phase 1 (10 Schools Completed), Phase 2 10 more schools in progress

  • Develop a Heritage Database for Limpopo

    Just started

Limpopo Connexion use partnerships with various organisations to strengthen its delivery model.


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Pauliina Mapatha

Programme Manager
Partnerships and Collaboration
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Baldwin Ramasobane

Senior Programme Manager
Head of Limpopo Connexion
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Rolda Ledwaba

Programme Manager
Telecommunication Infrastructure

Our Vision & Mission

Limpopo Connexion has a mandate to improve service delivery through the use of ICT,
save cost for government and to develop ICT as a sector in Limpopo