QuantimGIS, the Geographical Information System for all of us!

Do you have a need for a GIS system but don’t want to fork out millions? Do you need something simple and easy to install and maintain?

QuantumGIS may just be what you’re looking for; with versions for both Windows and Linux this easy to install and use desktop GIS is like a fresh breeze on a warm summers night!

The system is well supported and under active development and to add to all of this, several add-ins can be installed to make your life easier. You can either download the system here: http://www.qgis.org/ or follow the easy instructions to install it from your package manager if you’re lucky enough to use Linux.

But why do you need a GIS system in the first place? I use it to track my wildlife encounters in the Kruger Park!  The system will also suite small to medium size companies who whish to keep track of their assets. Schools and Geography teachers will also find the system valuable.
The question to be asked now is how do I start? Well I started with a visit to the Demarcation Board of South Africa, here you will find all the borders of the provinces, district municipalities and municipalities and from there you can add your own data.


Quantum GIS is so rich in features that  it would take me ages to describe all of them, but one or two I would like to mention is the fact that you can overlay with Google and other map services and also that one can import directly from GPX format.

If you like geography this system will keep you busy for ages!


Quantum Gis is currently on version 2.0.1 and its getting better and more impressive with every release!!!